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If a bicycle built for two catches your eye, how about a bicycle built for nine?  That’s exactly what people will see – and ride – at this year’s Republican and Democratic national conventions, courtesy of health and well-being company Humana Inc. (NYSE: HUM).

Keeping with its tradition of making healthy things fun and fun things healthy, Humana will bring 20 Freewheelin pedal buses – or “bus-cycles” – to Tampa during the Republican National Convention (RNC) from August 26-30 and to Charlotte during the Democratic National Convention (DNC) from September 2-6.  Each pedal bus, which can accommodate eight people and a driver provided by Freewheelin, offers a healthy, fun and environmentally friendly way to get around the host cities.

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Freewheelin Fast Facts

Pedaling Our Way to Good Health

Humana is providing 20 pedal buses – each of which can carry up to 9 people – at both the RNC and DNC as a healthy, fun, free (and shaded) way for anyone to get around town!

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Humana Gives Health Back to the Community

Humana has a history of making healthy activities fun, and fun activities healthy (e.g. biking, playgrounds, video games), and built multi-generational playgrounds in both convention cities to encourage adults and kids to get out and play.

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History of Freewheelin

The Freewheelin program started in 2008 by offering bike-sharing to Humana employees and then expanded to the 2008 DNC and RNC by providing 1,000 bikes to each convention and introducing the nation to bike-sharing. Freewheelin has evolved into today’s 20-pedal bus program which is making its debut at the 2012 political conventions in Tampa and Charlotte.

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Freewheelin Photo and Video

"With nearly 50,000 people coming to Tampa for the 2012 Republican National Convention, the Humana pedibus is going to be a great way to get around downtown. This is a healthy, environmentally friendly mode of transportation. I am excited about the partnership between the City of Tampa and Humana on this project as well as on the KaBOOM playground at Ragan Park."

- Bob Buckhorn, Mayor of Tampa, Florida

“As Mayor of Charlotte, I'm committed to promoting healthy, active lifestyles among our citizens, which is why I'm so pleased our residents and convention-goers will be able to take advantage of free pedal buses during the DNC, thanks to Humana.  The pedal buses will be a great way to experience the DNC and Center City Charlotte, while getting some exercise at the same time.”

- Anthony Foxx, Mayor of Charlotte, North Carolina

“Whether it’s a pedal bus, bicycle, hand-cycle or unicycle, pedaling is healthy for the body, the mind and the environment. At Humana, we are committed to helping all Americans achieve lifelong well-being, and Freewheelin is a great way to encourage people to improve their health through exercise and social interactions.”

- Dr. Scott Latimer, Humana’s market president of Senior Products in Central Florida

“Humana first introduced the nation to the Freewheelin program back in 2008 and we are excited to once again provide a fun, healthy and environmentally friendly way to get around this year’s political conventions. The Freewheelin program has evolved into people-powered pedal buses, which will shuttle up to nine people along designated routes in Tampa and Charlotte.”

- Dr. William Hauser, Humana’s regional medical director of Senior Products for the Southeast Region